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Los Lobos In Cincinnati

Started by lobogirl, September 23, 2006, 12:32:05 PM

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     Los Lobos is scheduled to appear in Cincinnati, OH on 14 October 2006.
It's a free show, in conjunction with the rededication of Fountain Square, in downtown Cincy.

Their appearance has not been heavily publicized, so I thought I'd give folks in this area a heads up so you can put it on your calendar!

Should be a nice party; be there, or....


Sadly, the advance publicity I've seen indicates Lobos' stage time as only 45 minutes, 7:15 to 8:00; with another band starting on that stage at 8:30.


Yes, it does look like it's going to be about a 1- hour set, but since Los Lobos hasn't played Cincy since around 18 Oct. 2003, I figure I have to go. They have played @ the Fraze in Dayton, Ohio and in Cleveland since then, but I think it is a rare opportunity for me to see them in my hometown. I never miss them when they are here. Besides, I haven't seen them play yet this month! :yack:

     I was downtown on Sunday and I went over to see how construction was progressing on the renovation of Fountain Square. It didn't look good to me, but what do I know. They still had about what looked like 200 tons of granite tile in stacks, they were pouring concrete, and the Genius of the Water was still wrapped in plastic. The place was a total wreck. I'll try to go back on Thursday and snap a pic.

     The celebration kicks off at noon on Saturday with a poetry reading by Nikki Giovanni, a performance by the Cincinnati Symphony, the Opera, & the Ballet, and the premier of the video, ""1,000 Faces of Cincinnati".  Master of Ceremonies is Mr. Bootsy Collins.

     There will also be three local bands playing in addition to the big name acts... IsWhat, Kentucky Struts, and Buckra.

DJ Hi-Tek & Talib Kweli warm up the stage for Los Lobos. There is a group that follows Los Lobos that I have been somewhat interested in hearing. They are a Swedish band called OK Go.

   Fireworks cap off the festivities at 10:00 PM.  It all sounds rather Fellini-esque, doesn't it?