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problem with reading unread posts

Started by Annette Bassett, November 03, 2006, 01:06:34 PM

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Annette Bassett

Hi Steve -

The last few days (and maybe a bit longer),I have clicked on "show unread posts since last visit," and have been told there are none.  I accepted this...but then today, i clicked onto the list of posts and saw several that have been posted since the last visit. What's up with that?



Steve J

It's a byproduct of an update I ran a couple of days ago. I'm looking into getting it corrected.

Wish me luck... :pray:
Humans are the only animals that follow unstable leaders.

Steve J

It's might just be a 'cookie' issue. Have you logged in since the site domain was changed? I mean, when you come to the site, does the address read "" or "http://www.jabfela.net/NBH/index.php"; ?

If you've bookmarked the first address, try going to www.jabfela.net and allow it to bring you to the main forum page (http://www.jabfela.net/NBH/index.php). It should set or ask to set a new cookie. Once it's set, you might have to log in again; but you should be OK. Oh...you'll need to change the bookmark to the new address as well.
Humans are the only animals that follow unstable leaders.