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Amazon.com link?

Started by Bones, December 28, 2006, 06:35:00 PM

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Is it worth having an Amazon.com link on the board?

I thought the old KF site had one that helped offset the cost of running the board and/or gave the hard working Neighbors who keep the site running a little spending money. If the Neighborhood can benefit from my online shopping needs (ie replacing my vhs collection with DVDs) all the better.

Steve J

I think Mark had a deal with CDUniverse; but it's certainly worth looking into.

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Humans are the only animals that follow unstable leaders.

Steve J

I've done a bit of checking into "affiliate" programs with various online retailers. For the most part the programs are designed to pay a commission to the referring site and NOT provide discounts to those that are referred. That's kind of a narrow benefit...or at least, I think so. It's really only worth cluttering the place with ads and / or links if there's a direct benefit to the people here. So for now, no affiliate program.
Humans are the only animals that follow unstable leaders.