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March 27, 2023, 02:34:08 AM


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Animated avatars

Started by Jason, February 06, 2007, 09:59:29 AM

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Have they been disabled?   ???


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Your dancing Calvin and Hobbes is working.

My avy, however, is not.


Steve J

The SMF package converts user-uploaded avatars to JPG or PNG...depending on Admin's choice (this forum is set to convert to PNG format). Neither of these formats supports animation. So, for the animation to work, either the image would have to be linked from an external site or uploaded (by an Admin) to the forum's main avatar directory. I can check to see if there is a mod to change this.
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It's weird, though, how all of a sudden my little avatars have stopped animating. I host them on Imageshack, and when i check them there, they are working fine. Perhaps something is up with my profile? I noticed that under my profile when i click on 'I have my own pic', put in the link, and then click 'Change profile' at the bottom, when the screen refreshes it defaults back to 'Personalized Pic' being selected, and there is no text showing in the URL box next to 'I have my own pic'.