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June 01, 2023, 02:48:32 AM


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Wicked Rain Chords

Started by djavid, May 24, 2007, 06:47:43 PM

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Has anyone worked out Wicked Rain chords.  I am hearing that great song in my head all day and need to play it to clear my head out, if you know what I mean...

muchos gracias mis amigos

Steve J

This song was running in my head the last few days; so I learned it. Of course, I'm hopeless at tab; but I'll try to explain the chords as I hear them.

Basically it's based around F#m, with the bass line running F#-A-B-C-C#-E through the main part of the verse. Then for the "Well there's just one chance in a million that someday we'll make it out alive" the chords run E-Bm-C#7#9.

There's a short bridge ("Like travellers in the darkness..."), it goes A-D-A-C#7#9 and then returns to the original figure.
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