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March 25, 2023, 07:57:43 PM


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ISO Dylan Hears A Who

Started by Moonshiner, December 18, 2007, 07:26:59 PM

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  Watching the "Grinch" with my nephew the other day reminded me of this gem, and after looking for it on my PC found that it has apparently gone into hiding. I was sure I had downloaded the mp3's long ago. If anyone knows of or has this gem I would surely B&P.

   If you haven't heard of this, it was brilliant telling of 7 Dr. Suess stories done in the style of Bob Dylan. The Seuss estate had a cease and desist demand and the site was taken down, much to the chagrin of Dylan and Suess fans everywhere. Read more:


You can still hear "Green Eggs and Ham" here:


Thanks for any help out there. I have looked most everywhere.
I have looked on FTP. I have searched on many a tree.
I could not find 'Dylan Hears a Who'. I could not find it no, can you?
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i have what you need
i do indeed!
but all my discs are in a pile
to get you a copy might take a little while.. :lmao:

i have this disc but my collection is a serious mess right now..let me look and hope i can find it...i'll get back with you!      :smokin:
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ha finally found it....pm sent

live simply,speak kindly, care deeply, love generously



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