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March 25, 2023, 08:26:40 PM


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B&P Anyone? I have no live Lobos. Please Help.

Started by Gene Hannon, March 15, 2008, 05:38:00 PM

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Gene Hannon

  Hi, I only have the Filmore show  and would really like whatever shows I could get my hands on.  I saw them in Bethlehem last night and was blown away ,again.  If you have the time I would greatly appreciate it.  I have quite a few Grateful dead shows for trade but thats about it.   Thanks.

Stephen Maki

Please email me at <spmaki@gmail.com>  ... I can help you with some things.


david mazurowski

hi gene,shows we had talked about were mailed yesterday. looks like stephen can also help you out.you shouldn't have any problems getting a collection of LL.concerts together around here.