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March 25, 2023, 08:09:04 PM


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New Guy....Guitar Technique Interest

Started by whalstib, May 21, 2008, 07:46:02 AM

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Hi, ALl of a sudden Los Lobos is really caught my attention. I've been listening off and on since '83 but now I'm hooked!

I really dig the folklorico sound. I'm a flatpicking acoustic steel string guitar player and want to try some nylon string guitars stuff anyway. Seems to me I hear more of this sound on the cuts I like. Anyway I'm sure it's a bit different technique than my Tony Rice approach!

Could anyone direct me to a good starting point to figure this stuff out?




hey brother,
you may be referring to the kick-ass style of the son jarocho.
My fave too.

check out these links:
-some sound samples, down the page

-a history of the music

- a look at some of the instruments

Now, you could take a gut string and capo it around the 5th or 7th fret and get kind of close, but the tunings are different.
Use a pick and really slap the strings, you'll eventually make a Willie Nelson hole.

But the real deal are the instruments with twin courses, or double string groups.
Some unison, some octave groups.

Good luck and report back!

eddie G.

"We'll leave it to you guys to keep track of the putocracy."- Steve J.


Thanks man!

Cool links!  I wish I could down load those music files!

I've been real busy with work and get to Nogales AZ on occation. There's a couple of stores that have many of these instruments and I bet more over the border. Been a bit sketchy down there as of lat so I haven't been over but will soon.

Still ta it!@

Thanks again!


Shiney Mike

I thought I'd point out what a radical picking technique this instrument seemed to require; my memory from seeing David play son jarocho at a show in Carmel: Imagine if the guitar strings just crossed over the bridge and disappeared right over the side and have to try putting your forearm up the from where the strap would usually, your wrist extremely tense,  twitching oner the strings, a huge pick held stiffly, while you furiously peck at the strings, 1/2 goose 1/2 cobra.
I first heard 'em in 84 - always want more...

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