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March 25, 2023, 06:40:05 PM


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Lobos Pedals

Started by Steve J, August 09, 2008, 04:42:25 PM

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Steve J

Some pics I took in Portland. I forgot to get snaps of the pedals on top of Dave's amps; but this will satisfy some people's curiosity.   :yack:
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Shiney Mike

Turbo Tube Screamer - Nice.

The Maxon is pretty cool lookin  -  looks old

Only C has the wah

I like seeing the indicator tape on Louie's Flanger - Just the perfect sound, right there...
I first heard 'em in 84 - always want more...


Ha.  Just found this and decided to post anyway despite the '120 days' warning  ;)

Thanks for the revealing photos, Steve.  After watching the Fillmore dvd I became curious as to which pedals the guys were stompin.'

Geek out,


Steve J

The one that surprised me was the little Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster. Must be like the old line boosters Electro Harmonix or Dan Armstrong had. Goes up to 25...gotta like that!!  :mrgreen:
Humans are the only animals that follow unstable leaders.


What surprises me is when I see a 'perfezhnl muzishn' using pedals that lil' ol' me likes n' shit...

And no, I DON'T mean Cesar's Vox wah... ::) :elaugh:

BTW, what is that one pedal (of Dave's, I believe) that has tape over the front...so as not to see the name?  I dunno. I was being too lazy to try to figure it out....    ;)


El Chaparro

Cesar has the original tube screamer, thems real hard to find!!!! :o
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