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March 25, 2023, 07:43:58 PM


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THEE Firebird

Started by bobmc, April 02, 2013, 08:00:01 AM

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You know which one, right?


No one else on the entire internet seems to know which pickups are in that bird. Duncan lists Firebird pups for Cesar on their artist page but not for Dave. If that is just a typo, man is it ever stupid (and disrespectful) on their part; does Cesar ever play a Firebird?

(and this is a just tech question, I know that installing the same pickups will not magically give me Hidalgosity). 

Steve J

I do know that the guitar was a custom built guitar by Gibson that they wanted Dave to try out and give his opinion...but also to give the guitar back. But...he liked the Firebird so much, he kept it. I didn't ask what type of pickups were on it.

And I don't ever remember Cesar playing a Firebird. Besides: a left-handed Firebird? Though I'm sure they make them, I don't ever remember ever seeing one. At least, not a 'reverse' model Firebird.
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I know, and I am closer to CR's height than Dave's; I can attest to the fact that short dudes with Firebirds is not a good look.

I briefly had a non reverse FB1 in the 70's.