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February 04, 2023, 05:31:54 PM


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ISO 07/30/1988 laguna seca - monterey,ca. (opening for the dead)

Started by MILOCAMPO, December 04, 2014, 02:16:02 PM

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is this show out there? I have a 2nd gen audience tape from the show on 07/31/1988 (w/ jerry garcia!) i could get digitized and uploaded if anyone is interested in that one.  ;D


The show has been up on the Dime a couple times, both from master cassettes. One was recorded with Sonic Studios DSM-6 binaurals and the other with Nakamichi 700's w/cardiod capsules. If yours is a different capture (you'd think that opening for the Dead, more than two people taped the LL set), I'm sure there would be interest in it.


thanks for the heads up on this show. i just got copies of 07/30/1988 & 07/31/1988 yesterday in the mail from ROVALLE on this board. sounds like the 07/31/1988 show that i have might be the DSM version ,because my tape says it was recorded with DSM's into a Sony D6 (30' BACK FROM STAGE-CENTER). I was at both of these shows. first time seeing LOS LOBOS! I remember that even though the dead usually allowed taping at their shows, these shows were "no taping allowed". so any audience recordings were done "stealth".