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June 01, 2023, 02:43:19 AM


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i'm calling it: Reedley, CA is the sleeper show of the summer

Started by crackmc, June 06, 2021, 09:26:48 PM

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c'mon...an outdoor show in the Central Valley (on the King River, specifically) in (probably) 95ºF-100ºF heat?

this is gonna be like Pozo
except there will be water
you will regret missing this show


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presumably you're all too busy putting together your mobile refreshment laboratories in preparation for your trip to Reedley


I'm thinking about it  :hmmm:....been looking forward to a general admission show.



just checked into the Motel 4 across the street from the venue
JesseTheLawyer is my next door neighbor lol


All that stuff you heard about lard, they're all lies, lard is like the... I'm sorry (laughs)... It's the juice of life...

-David Hidalgo 2014-01-11


In hindsight, will you openly admit this was a losing bet?
It was awesome to see and hang with friends.
And, after the show, Jackie Greene gave me a 7-minute, private and detailed, class on how to properly piss in an empty plastic bottle without back-spray and resulting urine hands.

In retrospective, my time with Mr. Greene may have made this one of the most important shows of my music-loving career. :guitar:  :dance:
Thank You, Music Lovers