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March 25, 2023, 08:33:06 PM


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ATL Field Report2022_07_15

Started by kosh1313, July 16, 2022, 06:46:36 AM

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A short field report:

Musical Cherry Popped:
Been living here for however long and I've never seen a show at the Fox Theater. I did catch "The Book of Mormon", which had singing, but not a music show.

Tonight we corrected that as Tedeschi Trucks Band, "Wheels of Soul" tour rolled through town with some reprobates known as Los Lobos and Gabe Dixon, TTB's current keyboard player.
Gabe Dixon band opened with about the most competent set I've seen by an opening band in a while. Wait, the band that opened for Los Lobos in Nashville were pretty good too. Not familiar with his music, but his playing sounds a bit like Little Feat's Billy Payne and his songs had that vibe too. The trio did a nice version of "Tangled Up in Blue".

Los Lobos came up to the plate second and played about 55 minutes or so. Heavy on hits and covers, got a cumbia for you David, only one new song, "LSD, aka Love Special Delivery" which Cesar nailed, lots of fuzz. During the TTB set, Dave, Steve and Cesar came out for "The World is a Ghetto", CR left, LP came out to join his bandmates for a ripping Derek and the Dominoes classic, "Keep on Growing". I forgot to mention Fredo, new Lobos drummer, was out on stage for all of that as well as Derek Trucks, TTB keys, TTB drummers and bass player went all somewhere between where Sun Ra meets Col Bruce. Many thanks to Armando Tavares and Edgar for some nice clear sound.

TTB, wow, 13 cats on a stage and it works, most of the time. TTB sound folks could have taken a smidge off the top and it would have sounded better. Other than that, I have no clue where this band will go tomorrow night. For the most part, they were new to me TTB songs, some Allman Brothers hints here and there, but damn it was a stew of fun. The ~20 minute Sun Ra/Bruce Hampton jam was just what my head needed. Susan T and the other singers in the band have mad skills. I also liked this show better than other TTB shows I've caught b/c Derek was not always "playing" Derek, he coloured outside his regular lines and made it much better for me personally, sometimes, the Coricidin bottle and and Duane style playing go over the top, again, this is just me, I know talking shit about an Allman, Trucks or Betts could start a flame war or worse.

Michael, saw 4 sets of mics on 2 stands.

Now the first world what the fuck problem:
Whoever the lighting director was tonight should go back to Lighting101.
~~Gabe Dixon Band, trio so pretty easy, just mellow
~~Los Lobos, I could not see the stage or the band for the almost the first 5 songs b/c LD was using the front and back spot out to the audience for full minutes at a time. Damn, show just started, show us the band and not ourselves. Was a pblm for me the whole Lobos set
~~TTB better, but still lots of light hitting our eyes and not the stage.

If the tour is coming near you, I'd really suggest you take time out of your 21st century life and treat yourself to some good old fashioned fun
Je m'en vais chercher un grand peut-etre!