Author Topic: Los Lobos, Music Taste Good Festival, Long Beach, CA. Kiko show..sorta  (Read 78 times)

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Bones called it...not enuff time for the whole album. The guys had 60 minutes to cram in the album...didn't quite make it. They had the guys spin into view on one of those big stage turntables. They came a into view with Dream In Blue...set as follows...

Dream In Blue
Wake Up Dolores
Angels With Dirty Faces
That Train Don't Stop Here
Kiko And The Lavender Moon
Saint Behind The Glass with Harp player
Reva's House
When The Circus Comes To Town
Short Side Of Nothing
Wicked Rain
Rio de Tenampa with full brass section

We didn't get...

Arizona Skies
Two Janes
Whiskey Trail
Just A Man ... bummed

They rotated the band outta view before they finished Rio. Mrs Strat said it looked like Dave was at the Oscars and they were cutting his acceptance speech short. Had a great time seeing the local Lobos family and watching the show with Pups up on the rail. Mrs Strat said she is bringing a sign to the show this Tuesday...Finish the Kiko show. Hahaha, gotta love her.
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