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Folk Fest setlist
« on: August 16, 2020, 02:50:58 pm »

   I'm streaming the entire weekend of the Philadelphia Folk Festival.  Here are some thoughts.  With the way live music is going right now, I'll take what I can get.  So after streaming a bunch of shows going back to early March that were free but accepting contributions, this is our first upfront paid show.  I remember one of the first which was "Fill Up The Boot" out of Texas, followed by some obscure remote folk fests, the Preservation Hall Foundation, and other little ones.  How 'bout Neil Young doing some feeds from his Colorado home?  Sure. why not.  Anyone do dinner and a show with Phish?   Upon seeing the Los Lobos HSBG set, we decided after many Philly Folk Fest attendances in the early 80's and 90's, this was a logical choice.  We have not been disappointed.  On to the show.
    Los Lobos did a solid, hour long, fun studio set last night.  No Cesar in attendance or even remotely interacting with the band other than a Volver previously recorded from his home studio and placed in midway through the set.  David was set up  in a sound booth with ear bobs while the band was out in front playing together.  The sound was great and the playing fantastic.  At the live shows I'm a soundboard area guy when possible, not up front, so I rarely see the technical aspect of their playing.  For me hearing is always the reason for the show, but I gotta say when you see things up close it's even more impressive.  Now understanding that I've been seeing these guys live since 1988, I never knew Conrad was as active on the base as he is.  Damn good stuff.  David, Conrad, and Louie were all sitting which gave them a different angle on which to play.  Steve was great and Bugs was banging!
Evangeline (rockin)
Wolf  ( classic )
Valley  (very nice)
Burn It Down ( works for me )
Just A Man (killer ) I still wonder if that early riff is a Gilded Splinters tease or organically close.  Doesn't matter it's great!
Volver  (Cesar alone with either someone off camera or running a prerecorded accompaniment)
La Venganza  ( love it )
Bertha ( Jerry's face was smiling on a banjo or moon after that one ) Beautifully done with reverence and respect.
Mas ( could feel it coming )  Great jam on this with Louie doing a fuzzy thing reminiscent of Jerry's flute synth sound.
Bamba ( oh well ) Gotta please the people but still fun.
   All well played with sound and vision spot on.  Thanks guys!

   Last note on the weekend.  I think all the musicians are still feeling things out but they're getting it.  We paid for the weekend and not only get the in time feeds but can access them for 7 days after.  The various artists have different approaches to their presentation.  Some are more produced than others and come from a plethora of locations.  Single rooms, living rooms, backyards, boats, studios, stages, and empty clubs.  All different and all good.  Well worth the price of admission. This includes archival footage from previous Festivals.  In addition to seeing Los Lobos, Rhiannon Giddens, Ivan Neville, Chris Smither, Steve Forbert, Milk Carton Kids, Shane Hennessy ( incredible picker ), and others, we still have a John Prine Tribute, Richard Thompson, Josh Ritter, and Shakey Graves coming up today.  In the meantime, we're streaming archival footage of Albert Collins, Queen Ida, Beasoleil,  and Elizabeth Cotten at the age of 94.  We were at most of these.  Good times, good times.  We all gotta remember that feeling and know it will be back.  Someone earlier wrote about a Blue Oyster Cult cover drive in concert and enjoyed it.  I'd like to hear a bit more on those shows and am curious about the Los Lobos/Tower Of Power drive in show.  Anyone going to these please keep us posted.  History is happening!

                                                                        Rock On,

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Re: Folk Fest setlist
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2020, 06:39:26 pm »
 Thanks for sharing the details of the concert. Sounds like it was a good show.
 I've only been to the Phila. Folk Festival once. That was back in 1985. There's always an eclectic lineup and bound to be some nice surprises among those performing.

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Re: Folk Fest setlist
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2020, 09:40:45 pm »
RE: Just A Man - Dave's intro line is a definite nod to Walk on Gilded Splinters (a personal favorite) but not Steve's keyboard intro IMHO.
The overall set was an excellent performance and recording. And it's nice to be able to relisten (Ionly paid for Saturday).
There is a wonderful set of yearly archived performances!