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Open Forum / Re: Jerry Garcia Jubilee Concert LA with Dave Hidalgo
« Last post by hellpups on Today at 02:52:14 PM »
Whatta gig slut... ;)

I wonder how often he says no...
Open Forum / Re: Latin Playboys sample?
« Last post by hellpups on Today at 11:04:24 AM »
I like the soundtrack a lot too... Lamar has some serious skills... as far as the sampling is concerned I'm gonna go with similar but not sample... apparently the Latin Playboys crew and Kendrick are sympatico on certain percussive elements... good catch
Open Forum / Re: Latin Playboys sample?
« Last post by CesarJA on Today at 09:55:25 AM »
Ten Believers???

Open Forum / Latin Playboys sample?
« Last post by CesarJA on Today at 09:50:14 AM »
Black Panther's soundtrack is phenomenal as is the film. I couldn't help but notice a high similarity on the opening track of the soundtrack ( to a Latin Playboys' tune. Check it out at about 7 seconds in...

Open Forum / Re: The future of Los Lobos?
« Last post by mcamp on Yesterday at 11:33:59 AM »
Regarding other music I listen to/ attend concerts of....I'm all over the spectrum.
Last year I saw 54 concerts; four were Los Lobos. I also see Blue Oyster Cult plenty, I work at a music venue (volunteer), Blue Ocean Music Hall, and caught some good ones there; Todd Rundgren, Carl Palmer Band, Blackberry Smoke to name  a few.
I'm fortunate to live in an area that has plenty of musical offerings, between Boston and the surrounding area, Portsmouth, NH, Portland, ME, and in CT and RI.
Tupelo Music Hall (Derry, NH) is another place that has excellent bookings, as well as the Lowell Summer Music Series, and the summer shows at prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH.
I'm also a big jazz fan; saw Bill Frisell twice last year, and have seen him many times over the years. I go to Sculler Jazz Club, and the Regattabar in Cambridge, MA often, as well as the one off shows happening at multiple venues across the area.
I also like to attend classical shows at Symphony Hall, and Jordan Hall in Boston.
Literally, so much music, so little time.
I saw Southside Johnny there last august for both shows. Didn't know u worked there?  Wow!! Trying to tell Armando that Lobos gotta play there.

Actually LL played there a number of years ago.
It did not sell too well, with the back room closed off.
Cesar showed up late and played the second set.
They seem to be favoring the Cabot Theater these days.
It's A Long, Long Way / Re: Triple Door, Seattle WA February 16-18, 2018
« Last post by unclebuck on February 20, 2018, 04:34:36 PM »
The first 5 songs had a second sax player,forget his name(knew I should`ve written it down)Gerard something,something Gerard.These 3 shows were a blast.Plus throwing Portland in there made for a very nice vacation.I cant thank Mando enough for his help in Seattle.I had to have some surprise factor for Portland.After Saturdays show,we went to the Highway 99 club for the 44`s.Conrad didn`t get up on stage,but Dave joined them for 2 or 3 tunes.A very nice bonus for the 44`s crowd.Buzz,buzz,buzz was the first time time I`ve seen done since my very first LL  show almost 31 years ago.Didn`t get my requested `Killing floor`,but I`ll  take the Hendrix encores.If the band does this the same week every year,I`ll be there.This fell during a week with no work(boat show open in Boston)If you cant make the Fillmore,I highly recommend this trip.It avoids the holiday money crunch many incur.Hotels are reasonable and rental cars are cheap for any side trip you may take.And finally I want thank all the cool people I met at these shows.Steve J,Jessie,etc,,I`m sure Steves recordings will kick ass.Dont miss them.LIFE IS GOOD.
Open Forum / Re: God's Children reissue featuring Little Willie G.
« Last post by hellpups on February 20, 2018, 11:21:46 AM »
Hmmmm, brown vinyl...
Open Forum / Re: God's Children reissue featuring Little Willie G.
« Last post by rovalle on February 20, 2018, 10:31:15 AM »
thanks for an Eastsider I'm very interested in this...
It's A Long, Long Way / Re: Triple Door, Seattle WA February 16-18, 2018
« Last post by bigbamcake on February 19, 2018, 06:52:56 PM »
High Places!! another one I gotta see.  What a great setlist!!
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