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5-25-94 Catalyst
« on: December 06, 2005, 03:33:40 pm »
Well, my tape has the date as 5-24-94, but I suppose it is the same show, unless there was an added show and it was not listed (at LL set-list dot com). I am not that much of a taper, and as you know from the threads next door I do it the old-fashioned way...cassette tape! I seem to, as you can imagine, have accumulated quite a large number of the little buggers and when I want one..... forget about it.  Months go by before you find the one you're thinkin' you want to hear again. I knew I had a Catalyst show. I just happened to bring the rig to this....Dan does not have a set list. Mine goes:
    5-24-94 (date wrong prob.5-25)
    The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, Ca.
    fade in; One Time One Night
    I Walk alone
    Down On The Riverbed
    Wake Up Dolores
    Peace (with Hendrix jam)
    Soy Mexico Americano
    dance tune in spanish - title unknown probably Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio
    Volver Volver (fade out 25 seconds)
    Encores pt. one
    Please Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
    Wicked Rain
    Encores pt. two
    Angels With Dirty Faces
    Come On Let's Go
    Marie Marie

I have an hour only - the fidelity is not what it could be even for a cassette, I was careful, leaving the recorder in my pack on a table, under the balcony. Luckily, this survived. I found it and digitized it and would like to share it, unless there is a more complete audience recording already available. If you know of one please tell me...

The tape is listenable and the performance rocks hard w DH in very good voice, guest appearances by Brian on bass, second encore, and David Jr. on drums I think - They were playing hot and if nothing better exists from this date, a little teamwork to get this out is in order/worthy.
I first heard 'em in 84 - always want more...