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LL in Europe b&p
« on: August 15, 2006, 08:31:05 pm »
tonight's (yesterday's?  never could get that gmt/internatl date line thing down) kickoff to 5 in Europe put me in the mood... any and all of the following, just pm me

5.11.85 Mean Fiddler Pub, London (1 disc)
2.14.87 Berlin - 2 shows, early and late (each takes 2)
6.27.87  St Gallen, SWI (1 disc)
7.7.87   Montreaux, SWI (1 disc)
7.3.88  Werchter, BEL (1 disc)
9.7.99  Berlin  (2 discs)
11.20.02   Brussels  (2 discs)
11.21.02 Amsterdam (2 discs)

I know, all of these have been previously offered , but they're all I got from Europe, and somebody might not have 'em yet...
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