Author Topic: Looking for "Holiday House Party" X-Mas 1992 + WXPN/World Cafe 1992  (Read 1050 times)

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I've torrented an inferior version of the great "Holiday House Party" radio show over at (in time for the holidays!), and was just informed by Dan Gale that he had in fact made and circulated here a better transfer.  I'd like to get that better version circulating, hopefully before Christmas, especially now that I'm responsible for 70+ people getting a lower-quality one.

Also, for many moons I've hoped to get a new copy of the 30-minute excerpt of Los Lobos from the 1992 WXPN-Philadelphia benefit concert, broadcast on the syndicated "World Cafe" radio show.  Great little piece (a sbd/broadcast of the full show would of course be welcome to!).

If you can help me out with either, please e-mail at  Thanks in advance!