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Chords for 'Shakin' Shakin' Shakes' and/or 'Is This All There Is?'

Started by El Dingo, August 21, 2007, 11:37:45 PM

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El Dingo

Hi all,
I jam with some friends who are all Blues hounds. I'd love to play some Los Lobos tunes for them. Does anyone have the chords or tabs for Shakin Shakes or Is This All There Is? Thanks.

Steve J

Hmmm...I'll have to scratch the old memory banks. I know "Shakes" essentially centers around G7 for the verses and the leads are played over E/E7. There was an article in Guitar Player (it was either '87 or '93: I'll have to dig through my old GP's) that went over "Shakes" pretty well. CR was playing the moving part and DH was just comping along with open strings. Hard for me to remember without a gee-tar in my hands; but I'll rummage around when I get home.

As for "Is This All There Is?" I'm assuming you're talking about the By The Light of the Moon version as well. Unfortunately, all I remember there was kicking off in C#m7 at the 9th fret. After that, it's just a fog for me.
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El Dingo

Thanks for the response, Steve. I would really appreciate it if you could dig out whatever you can and post it. I was actually thinking of the 'Is This All There Is' version on The Ride - sounds more like the Blues, so will appeal more to my chums - but I'd take anything I can get. Thanks again.

Steve J

I found the GP's I was looking for. I'll scan or recreate the examples and get them up a little later on. Boy, the 16 or 17 hour time difference sure drags this out, doesn't it?
Humans are the only animals that follow unstable leaders.

Steve J

I've attached the info about the riff being played on 'Shakes." As you'll see, for a lot of the song, there aren't full chords being played (although I haven't been paying attention to what Louie plays when they do "Shakes" nowadays...whether he plays a riff or chords). Essentially, first verse is G/G7; second verse is C/C7. Then:

Bb                             C         => main riff
And Lord it makes me tremble

C                             Bb    F   => main riff
And Lord it makes me tremble

It's shakin' and shakin' and shakes

The last line is repeated / vamped until they return to the main riff.

Humans are the only animals that follow unstable leaders.

El Dingo

Thanks a million. I ought to be able to work it out from here. It does get a bit lonely downunder. Whenever I look at logged on users there's one - and it's me! Thanks again.


hey folks-

just wonderin what that four note/chord vamp is after the E7
G-F-C-? or something.
many kind thanks!