Author Topic: Los Lobos @ Coach House - San Juan Capistrano - Dec 18, 2010  (Read 1416 times)

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Los Lobos @ Coach House - San Juan Capistrano - Dec 18, 2010
« on: December 09, 2010, 04:10:28 pm »
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.
I have two tickets for Los Lobos show Dec 18th at the Coach House Capistrano. If you haven't seen a show at this location and can make it it will be more than worth it. Can't imagine how great Los Lobos will be at this venue. With two recent Grammy nominations (Best Americana Album and Best Rock Instrumental Performance ("Do the Murray" -regardless of what you think of the Grammy's, they DID recognize Kiko many moons ago) the nominations should help the always 'inspired' Lobos performance on Dec 18th to be over the top. Plus, they are home, and I try to never miss them in SD, LA, or Orange County whenever they perform, often with family backstage and more of a party/loose atmosphere.

So why am I trying to unload these? I'm sick to my stomach. Wife bought them on 10/26 for our 19th anniversary but we have since made final plans to travel to NYC to visit my daughter before Christmas, Dec 15-20. An easy decision, but hard to miss the band.

We paid 104$ for two tickets. Face Value for the tickets is $39.50 + $8.50 TicketMaster Fee = $48.00/ticket

I'm asking $44 each if I need to drive more than 25 miles to exchange. If less than 25 miles $40 each.

Great Christmas gift - for someone. Not me. Bummer.