Author Topic: Brand new to site....looking for great quality Minneapolis, zoo & marlboro shows  (Read 1854 times)

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Hola All,
Feliz Los Lobos fans! I was directed to this site by another huge fan and can't express my excitement. I have been homebound with two back surgeries,trying to fight off a third. The music of Los Lobos is very healing for me.
I am brand new to this. My computer does not burn anything (except my temperature.)
Hoping to have someone hook me up with a "B&P" please?
Love Los LObos live, especially their amazing covers.
Please feel free to advise if I am doing this in the proper manner. I have never been on a site like this. I barely know how to use email....yikes! You will have to walk me through all of the steps (including how to find a reply?) Sorry. :happy:
Thanx in advance for all of your help.
Peace, love, sunshine,