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Hi all -

This might be a basic one for some of you old heads, but I just found out about the "Bonus EP" put out by Hollywood Records in 2006(?). Apparently the "3 Unreleased Live Tracks From A Classic 1984 Concert" on it are from a 1/14/84 show at La Casa De La Raza in Santa Barbara: 1 The Breakdown, 2 I'm Sorry, 3 We're Gonna Rock Notes.

Anyone here got a notion where I might be able to listen to this &/ :help:or get some mp3s or FLAC files?

- ¡Muchas gracias!

Hi to rovalle, who PM'd me about this. Thanks so much!

I hope you see this because for some reason the site is not letting me message you directly:

Oh, it's from Chuy's Tape Box? Well, I'm never gonna get ahold of that. That's like the holy grail. Only the oldest of heads ever got a shot at buying that one.
Thanks for replying though! It's great to have the mystery finally solved.
I love the fact that I've been following these guys religiously for almost 30 years now and I'm still basically a novato...

I'll send you the files for that within a day or two...it's a mighty fine show...Lossless or MP3 by the way?

check your PM's...

Wow, thanks man. Can't believe I finally get to hear the Tape Box in it's entirety, as wav files, too! And really excited to check out that live show you included too.

BTW, I've been checking out that (mostly) blues blog you accidentally pasted the link to as well. So much great stuff there.



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