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« on: December 19, 2019, 01:59:58 pm »
Another superb show from the guys as usual.No Louie,which is the only time I`ve seen them without  him.First set acoustic,Second set blistering.Came from a Christmas party,and just made it to venue for first songs second verse.Set:One time,Chucos,Evangeline,Pistola,Christmas time in Texas,Arbolito de Navidad,Volver,Guantanamera,Teresa Set 2:Someday,DWB,Whiskey trail,Dream in blue>For what its worth>Maricela,Llego Navidad,Donde esta Santa Claus,Wicked rain,Just a man,Mas y mas Encore: NFA>Bertha.Arbolito is from set list I saw after,so I`m not 100 percent sure.Just a man was the usual epic that morphed into a Whipping post-like climax that was fucking aawwwwwsssooome.Followed by a blistering Mas!Great show.Doing it again tonight,which happens to be my 150th LL show. Oh,almost forgot they had Marco Reyes(who played in War)on congas and percussion,which gave most songs a slightly different flavor.A great night for music lovers.

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« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2019, 11:20:11 am »
Had a great time Wednesday.
I felt last night's show was even better.
Uncle Buck, I saw you were writing a set list, so you can jog my memory which song the Soul Sacrifice jam came out of.
Last night's show also had Barrence Whitfield in tow, and came out for the encore of Georgia Slop, and What's Going On....beautiful ending to a great night of music.
As you mentioned, this was also the only shows I've seen w/o Louie...add him to a list that also includes Cesar, and Steve.
You really get to hear what they all collectively bring to the mix when they are not there.
With Marco there, he filled in some of the gaps, and also brought a different sound, with a poly-rhythmic feel.
In the end, a bit melancholy, with the band heading home for the holidays.
I wish them all, and the whole Los Lobos extended family an excellent holiday season, and see you in 2020 at the Bull Run.