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in search of my own recordings...


i figured if any group of people could help me out, it youse guyse

i suffered a tragic hard drive failure a few years ago
nearly everything was backed up, but i lost a few recordings
one of them is my 2008-06-01 pull from Los Cenzontles PAC in San Pablo...looking for Los Cenzontles' opening set and LL's set (w/ Taj Mahal, Linda Ronstadt, and members of Los Cenzontles sitting in)

i know i'm missing a few other choice LL sets, but Eugene asked me for this one recently
my exhaustive search has not been successful
please help Neighborhood, you're our only hope

i know from the (now-dead) bt.etree.org links that Ric and iarooster grabbed these because they commented on them

Sorry but I ain't got it...

you're dead to me

that was completely out of line Ric i love you like a fat guy loves cake

so basically i love you like i love cake


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