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your favorite LL percussionist
« on: October 24, 2020, 02:56:30 am »
your opinion is not wrong

when i fell in love with this band Victor Bisetti was LL's percussionist. i really miss him. dude was a real gone cat. i haven't seen him in about 10 years (hung out with him for a minute when he played w/ the Delgado Bros. in SF). dude has a wealth of musical knowledge in his head.

then Cougar arrived, and he shared percussion duties with Victor for a few months. sometimes Victor was the 'main guy' on the kit while Cougar added some flavor on the side. sometimes Cougar was the main guy. they worked together really well. these were the days when 'Volver' = a rotating drum section...Victor > Cougar > Dave > Louie > times

then Victor bowed out, and Cougar was the guy. i miss Cougar so hard. dude locked in with Dave so well...just great instincts. even when he stumbled, he landed on his feet like a goddamn cat. not unlike Victor - he could just make eye contact with Dave and immediately know where to take the jam. i actually can't wait for this pandemic to lift so i can drive down and surprise him at one of his neighborhood gigs where he's playing an instrument i've never seen him play. if you're on facebook, he's a great follow.

Bugs...dude is a living breathing metronome. academically skilled. the 'Disconnected in NYC' album? yeah...those performances were his debut with Los Lobos. crazy. i love the fact that he likes a bunch of pop music that the rest of the guys hate. minicrack loves him.